Panels Pixels Frames

A podcast hosted by Chris and Joe who take a humorous but informative look into nerd culture

June 17th, 2016    

PPF | Last Episode | PhxCC : E3 Coverage

On our last scheduled episode we talk about all the upcoming games at e3 and we discuss the highlights and low points of this years Phx CC. Thanks for listening!


May 27th, 2016    

PPF 5/20

This podcast gets political before discussing Uncharted 4


May 27th, 2016    

PPF 5/12: Civil War

On this podcast we talk about Civil War.


April 15th, 2016    

PPF 4/15

This week we talk about Daredevil season 2, Walking Dead, Vinyl, Black Panther #1, Flash Season 1, Dark Souls, Jungle Book and more. 


April 10th, 2016    

PPF 4/1 Batman Minus Superman

On this podcast we go deep discussing the pros and cons of Snyder's Batman V Superman. 


March 11th, 2016    

PPF: PP Politics

This week, we talk about anime and politics.


March 7th, 2016    

PPF: When Sh#t gets real.

This week, we talk about Robert A Heinlein, Creed, Paper Girls, Spider Man, Matrix Revisited, Fury Road, Revenant, and more!


February 19th, 2016    

PPF: To pimp a podcast

This week, we talk about Black History Month, The Grammys, Hail Caesar, and more!


February 16th, 2016    

PPF: All that was and all that will be


November 12th, 2015    

PPF 11/13: Mark Netter interview

For a special Friday the 13th episode, we interview Mark Netter, director of Nightmare Code.


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